Trends in Pet Ash Jewelry and Keepsakes

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that pets are family. They are loyal companions, selflessly showering their owners with unconditional love. That’s why, after they pass, we want to honor them in a special way. Today there are many things we can do with the cremated ashes of a pet – from the simple to the extraordinary. Here are just a few trends in pet ash jewelry and keepsakes that will make sure we give our pet the memorial they deserve.

Grow a living memory tree or plant

This is a very old tradition. If you or your pet have a favorite tree or plant in your yard, you can burry your pet’s ashes at the base. Or, incorporate the ashes when planting a new tree or plant. However, just be sure not to pack the ashes to solidly around the roots, as they can stop essential nutrients from reaching the plant’s roots, and eventually kill it.

If you opt to plant new, a more foolproof option is to use the Living Urn for pets . It’s an urn system that uses your beloved pet’s ashes to nourish a tree or plant. You simply place your pet’s cremated remains in the BioUrn®, follow the planting directions and plant in the ground. “A beautiful, enduring living memorial will then grow up from the urn and the cremated remains” keeping your pet’s memory present in your life.

Pet ash urns

If you are more traditional, you may want to simply keep your beloved pet’s cremated ashes at home with you. With the recent rise in the amount of people choosing pet cremation instead of burial, there are now many more urn options than ever before.

Perfect Memorials is one sight with a good selection from traditional urns with your pet’s photo and name on the front to urns with lifelike figurines of your pet sitting atop. Even Amazon offers a robust selection of pet ash urns.

Pet ash jewelry

Pet ash jewelry has gotten very popular. It’s one way to memorialize your beloved pet that keeps them close to you. The processes and final pieces have gotten very sophisticated and range from simple to breathtaking.

Always a good place to find quality craftsmanship from local artists, is Etsy. They have a large selection of pet ash memorial keepsakes. Local artists create beautiful pieces, from necklaces and rings, to bracelets and keychains.

If you’re looking for a more formal or sophisticated piece of jewelry made from your pet’s ashes, there are also companies like Ever Dear that create actual diamonds out of the carbon in the ashes. This is a much more extensive process and the cost can start as high as $1,295 for a .10 carat colorless diamond.

Pet ash decorative art glass pieces

Ashes to a decorative art glass piece is a particularly lovely way to remember your pet. This unique keepsake can even be created with elaborate colors and designs, to compliment your decor. Stunning glass objects like paperweights, hanging orbs or ornaments are crafted with your pet’s ashes incorporated right into the glass design. Use it as a decoration on your desk, or as a centerpiece on a table. Place it any place where you can see it and enjoy the good memories it invokes. You can find a large selection of these, as well, available on Etsy .

Pet ash into fireworks

Placing your pet’s ashes into fireworks is a fairly new option, but becoming more popular. It’s a way to send your pet off in a blaze of awe-inspiring beauty. In this process, your pet’s ashes are placed into the shells of fireworks to burst into a bright and colorful display. This process is also used as a way to scatter ashes far and wide.

Which pet ash memorial is right for you?

There are so many beautiful ways to memorialize your pet. More and more unique and creative keepsakes come out each year. That means you should be able to find one that makes you happy. Of course, if you can’t pick just one way to memorialize your beloved pet, that’s not a problem. Many people choose to divide up the cremated ashes into multiple memorials. On the other hand, if nothing speaks to you, don’t feel rushed to make a decision. Just keep your cherished pet’s cremated ashes with you until you decide.

The nice thing about many of these pet ash jewelry and keepsake options is that they don’t look like ashes or remains. This allows you to decide if you want to talk about the piece, and your pet, with friends.

The bottom line is, this is your grief journey, your pet and your decision. Saying goodbye to your four-legged companion is hard. If you find it weighing too heavily on you, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the many support groups for those mourning the loss of a beloved pet. A few excellent resources are Rainbowsbridge and The Grief Recovery Method. Getting the support you need is important, and being prepared when the time comes lightens the burden.


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