Keep your Pet by your side forever, with Eterneva Pet Diamond.

It’s hard to believe they’ve been gone. We lived with our beloved pets for so long, and then their one day later has turned into yesterday. The amount of time we had is never enough; once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. However, the memories will live on forever. Our pets are our trusted companions and have always been there for us unconditionally throughout the years.

A pet is a member of your family and that’s why we understand their importance. For many, they’ll have numerous animals in their lifetime, never forgetting one after they’ve passed. Some can’t bring themselves to go through the headache again and others find a new pet that saves them from their grief. Our relationships with animals are unique and for all pet owners, we understand the incredible bond you can have with a pet. While they rely on us to keep them fed, safe, and warm, we also rely on them for companionship and loyalty. It’s truly a remarkable relationship.

When you have an animal companion in your life, it’s more than a relationship. It’s a friendship that lasts for the entire lifetime of the pet. And when an animal passes away, it leaves us grieving and missing them dearly. It’s important to remember these animals and what they did for us, as well as honor their memory by memorializing them in a way that benefits other pets and pets in need. That’s what we’re here to help you do – find the perfect memorial gift that speaks to you personally.

That’s why they deserve to be remembered in a unique way and a company called Eterneva could not agree more.

When you lose a pet, dealing with grief can be overwhelming. Eterneva creates memorial diamonds from their ashes that celebrate remarkable pets and their memories while giving their owner something to hold onto. These cremation diamonds they create are an incredibly special and unique way to memorialize a beloved pet — the once-in-a-lifetime pet that went through college and career changes with you. That saw you through tragedy, triumph, and heartbreak. These diamonds are for your steadfast friend, who loved you unconditionally.

A diamond is forever, but so are your beloved pets. Eterneva creates diamonds from the carbon in your pet’s ashes and turns it into something beautiful to keep them by your side. Not only does this mean that you can have a gorgeous jewelry piece made with their ashes, but there are no chemicals or toxic materials used during the process. Eterneva doesn’t only memorialize dogs and cats, horses, cockatoos, and more!

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