Pet Ashes Diamond Jewelry

We will always love our pets, and wish they could stay with us forever. Sadly, our time with our loyal companions is far too short. That’s why many pet owners have chosen to have their pet’s ashes turned into a brilliant diamond, that can stay with them forever. Choosing to turn a pet’s ashes into a genuine diamond is a unique way to remember and cherish a precious friend. Just like our love for our pets, diamonds are eternal.

Here are a few questions and concerns owners have about the process of turning a pet’s ashes into diamond jewelry:

Are diamonds made from pet ashes real diamonds?

Manmade diamonds made from pet ashes are physically and chemically the same as mined diamonds, but are manufactured over 6 – 12 weeks, instead of naturally made over billions of years. Diamonds are composed of carbon, and there is carbon in pet ashes. Pet ashes diamonds share similar aesthetic, physical, and chemical properties to natural diamonds. Although they can be identical in appearance to natural diamonds, manmade diamonds have very subtle differences that can only be detected by trained gemologists and sophisticated equipment designed for that purpose. Additionally, most manufacturers of pet ashes diamonds will tell you that carbon contents differ from pet to pet, causing each manufactured diamond to have a unique hue. The carbon content can also influence clarity. Here’s the basic differences:

Mined diamonds

· From diamond mines

· Billions of years to form

· Rare and retain their value

Pet ashes manufactured diamonds

· From pressure simulation in labs

· 6-12 weeks to form

· Ethically sourced and cost-effective

How are diamonds made from pet ashes?

Diamonds are entirely constructed of carbon, and carbon is the fundamental component of all living creatures, like our pets. For just that reason, today’s technology makes it possible for us to create diamonds from our pet’s ashes after cremation . Here are the steps your pet’s ashes will go through to become an eternal sparkling diamond.

Carbon purification

During this step, the carbon is isolated from all the other elements in the ashes. Although most of the elemental carbon burns off during cremation, the carbon from the bones, carbonates, still remains. It takes several weeks to purify and extract it, and the result is a carbon graphite powder, which is the material for the diamond.

Diamond growth

Specialized machines replicate the growing conditions under the earth – 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and 850,000 pounds per square inch. Over time, your pet’s carbon crystallizes on top of a diamond seed, and grows into a raw diamond.

Diamond coloration

If you’ve chosen to create a colored diamond for your pet, there is an additional diamond coloration step. This is where high-energy particles are combined with natural elements like Nitrogen and Boron to create ‘color centers’ throughout the stone, giving it an attractive hue.

Diamond cutting

Once the raw diamond is created, it will be cut by a master cutter with care and precision. The biggest influence on any diamond’s quality and sparkle is the cut. That’s why so much attention is given to this process.

Diamond setting

This is where your beautiful diamond becomes a cherished piece of jewelry. Most pet ash diamond manufacturers also have a line of settings for you to choose from. Or you can take the diamond and bring it to your own jeweler.

Is there a difference between human ashes and pet ashes diamonds?

Human ash and pet ash diamonds are essentially the same. Both human and pet ash diamonds are made of carbon obtained from life elements. The only real difference is the carbon source – human or animal.

How long does it take to make a pet ashes diamond?

The time it will take to create your pet ashes diamond will vary by manufacturer. However, on average, from start to finish, you can expect to wait 6 to 12 months for your one-of-a-kind piece of diamond pet ashes jewelry.

How big is a diamond made from the cremation ashes of my pet?

The volume of ashes from a pet varies according to your pet’s species and size. However, the rule-of-thumb is that it takes about 100 grams, or about half a cup, of ashes from your pet to make a 1 carat diamond.

What is the most popular piece of diamond jewelry made from pet ashes?

The piece of jewelry you choose to place your pet ashes diamond into is very personal. It should reflect who you are and be versatile enough for you to wear every day. Some people don’t wear rings, so a pair of earrings is more appropriate. Others prefer something they can see when they wear it, so a bracelet or a ring is better. That being said, the majority of pet owners choose to put their pet ashes diamond into a necklace.

When all is said and done, when you wear a piece of pet ashes diamond jewelry, it means that your treasured pet can be with you the rest of your life, even after their death. The sparkle is a constant and comforting reminder of a love that will never end.


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